Most of our patients are teenagers. The ages of 11 to 15 is the most common time to begin orthodontic treatments, and for a good reason. By age 12, most, if not all of your children’s permanent teeth have erupted and crooked teeth or bad bites can easily be noticed. These types of problems will not correct themselves naturally, so most people seek orthodontic care. In addition, children of this age also typically experience growth spurts, which orthodontists can take advantage of to shape the bite and teeth correctly.

At Bountiful Orthodontics we recognize that your teenager’s life is busy and demanding. Our highest priority always is to ensure the final result is an amazing and beautiful smile. But there are ways to help make the process more enjoyable and as comfortable and efficient as possible. Whether you and your teenager select braces or aligners, we have techniques to lessen total number of visits and, in some cases, total treatment time. We are the only orthodontic practice in south Davis county that has been using Damon braces exclusively for the past decade. No one else comes close to our skill and expertise with the Damon system in achieving the broad, beautiful smile your teenager deserves!

Everyone wants a broad, beautiful smile. Trust the experts at Bountiful Orthodontics to ensure you or your child receive the proper treatment to achieve it!